Yellow House Creative

about Yellow House Creative

Our passion lies in the success of small business.

We strive to help make your business a success through simple, effective and affordable marketing campaigns. We provide genuine guidance and advice on marketing strategies that can greatly benefit your business. We offer a free initial meeting in order to get to know our clients, your business needs and your goals. Our work is local and we strive to keep pricing affordable.

After 15 years in corporate and non-profit marketing, owner Erin Isenhart believed it was time to return to her roots, to her passion, working with small business. She grew up in a big yellow house that fostered creativity and hard work. She is part of a family of small business owners who know that affordability is key to their success. She has been a business owner herself and knows first-hand the effort it takes to build and run a company. So, in 2014, she made the 'move' back to the big yellow house... And Yellow House Creative was born.

It is the goal at YH to help you grow your business. Come to your first YH meeting with goals and leave with a step-by-step plan to launch your company forward, into the marketplace, reaching the level of success that you work so hard for.

yellow House Marketing,

Watch Your Business Grow Up

"If I were a house, I'd be a big Yellow House,

with a yellow so inviting that if you were to walk by, just being you, it would call to you,

"Come In, You and Your Heart sit down."

And if you did, come into that big, yellow,

inviting house, you'd know you were home."